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Residential Gas Line Services Windsor Ontario

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Residential Gas Line Services In Windsor, Ontario

Are you hearing whistling noises coming from your gas-fueled appliances? Do you smell a “rotten egg” odour throughout your home? Do you want to install gas pipelines?

If you want to install gas-fueled appliances in your home, you need to have proper gas lines running from the main supply pipe to your home. You should never install or repair a gas pipeline yourself, especially if you suspect a gas leak.

Reach out to Langemann Heating & Cooling Inc. for residential gas line installation and repair services. Our team is skilled in handling gas line work reliably and carefully.

Reach out to us for a consultation to determine if a repair or a new installation is needed. We are just a call away!

Signs You Need Gas Line Services

Over time, gas lines can begin to wear down and leak. There are a few telltale signs that can indicate that you need a new gas line installation or repair.

  • Your Gas Lines are Old

  • All gas pipelines have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years. Gas pipelines can become weak and brittle as their end nears, leading to cracks and gas leaks. Thus, it is recommended to check your gas lines regularly as it reaches their 20-year stage and call Langemann Heating & Cooling Inc. for inspection.

  • Your Gas Lines are Making Strange Noises

  • Another problem that indicates you need Langemann Heating & Cooling Inc. gas line installation services is hissing sounds. If you hear hissing and clicking sounds coming from around gas lines and appliances, there is a potential gas leak.

  • Your Gas Lines are emitting Odours

  • Mercaptan is a foul-smelling gas added to natural gas to warn of a gas leak. It smells like rotten eggs. Thus, if you notice such a smell coming from your appliances or around the gas line area, you need to consult professionals and opt for gas line repair services.

  • You Notice Corrosion

  • If you notice corrosion on the connection joints between the gas lines and appliances, it means there is a potential gas leak or your gas pipelines are worn down and can lead to cracks. Thus, it's best to invest in gas line installation rather than costly gas leak repairs.

    How Can We Help?

    At Langemann Heating and Cooling Inc., our customers are our priority, and we ensure the best installation and repair services at affordable prices.

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    Gas Line Installation

    Reach out to Langemann Heating and Cooling Inc. for inspection and determine if you need gas line installation services. Our team has the necessary skills and equipment to offer reliable, efficient, and safe gas line installation to prevent gas leaks in the future.

    Gas Line Repair

    If you notice a rotten egg odour or inefficient gas performance in appliances, it is best to call the professionals to help them determine the root cause of the problem and perform affordable solutions.

    Gas Line Maintenance

    To ensure your gas line is connected correctly to the main supply line and appliances and there are no leaks, call Langemann Heating and Cooling Inc. for inspection and maintenance services. Our gas line services are available for multiple appliances, such as boilers, fireplaces, furnaces, etc.


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